Dana Shprung review Dana Shprung: Lena is such a thoughtful and motivating teacher. She is extremely patient and able to teach to all level of dancers even via zoom. She provides so much insight into how the body works and moves, while also emphasizing artistry. I love taking her class!.
Ana Kruman: Lena the class was very special experience! You have very gentle and unique approach.
Hadas Shamir: Lena is excellent teacher! A lot of patience and understanding.
lena rosenberg review Eldad Mannheim: The lessons are from deep knowledge. Strongly recommended.
sivan geva review Sivan Geva: Lena is an amazing ballet teacher! I’ve never danced before taking her class, and I decided to take this on as some sort of exercise after giving birth to three amazing daughters. When I saw myself the first time in the mirror doing the moves I said to myself “no way I can ever be good at this very difficult sport” but with her amazing patience and guidance, plus being very meticulous in her instruction, I was able to get better and even enjoy it! I would recommend anyone who has a passion for ballet to contact Lena, and take this challenge on. Your body will thank you.